And in 2002, she was part of almost all songs, as one of four singers in the back-up troop of the show. This also meant that she got to go to Tallinn, Estonia, for the Eurovision Song Contest with the Swedish entry, disco group Afro-Dite. 2004 saw the presence of Thérèse doing back-ups for 8 different acts, among them the winner, Lena Philipsson. In 2006, Thérèse could only support one artist, Anna Sahlene in her soul hit "This Woman", since Thérèse's engagement in Mamma Mia! demanded her presence. Thérèse also went to the ESC finals in Athens as part of the back-up team supporting hard-core superstar (in Swedish terms, that is...) Carola.

Carola is by far Sweden's biggest star, and she often demands that Thérèse be part of her back-up duo/trio. When Carola celebrated 20 years as a performer in 2003, she handpicked Thérèse for the grand tour throughout the Nordic countries, as well as for the spectacular TV show that was recorded and broadcast on several occasions.